For years I had the great fortune of releasing solo albums on a cool indie label (huge shout out to Roam Records) who released so many of my CD’s in the early 2000’s. In 2013 just about the time the label stopped releasing records, I put out my own solo CD with the intent of building a new band.

“Cursive Falls From the Sky” was the album, and I called the band Robb Benson and the Shelk. There was no band at the time, but I had a year off work and created the album mostly alone. There was a tour with Tim DiJulio, but mostly it was me alone. For the release I played with friends Dominic Cortes, Jared Cortes, and Julia Massey. I did play in Portland with a full band, however this ultimately helped build the band Stereo Embers. They became the band.

Stereo Embers is the rock side of my sound and takes the majority of my time. It’s my priority, we now have 3 EP’s and a vinyl single on Mike McCready’s label. If you dig that classic sound from the old school days 60’s, 70s, & or even 90s mixed into our own slice of 2018 rock and roll... you should come hang out with us! It’s growing into a wonderful adventure in sound!

That being said, I write over 100 songs a year and many of the songs have a bit different vibe or energy to them, I tend to write in a lot of styles, be it... old school soul, folk, indie, piano pop, songwriter, experimental, art rock, garage rock and even soundtrack, or sound design and some yoga type meditation synth type stuff. I now release selected demos free and there are a lot out there over the last few years. LINKS BELOW... I can also write your poems into songs: