Lead singer, rhythm guitarist for Stereo Embers.

I write your Poems or Lyrics into songs

25 Years of pro songwriting, 20 years of recording and producing in studio!

For years I have been writing peoples poems or pre-written lyrics  into fully produced songs of the style they want in my studio for a very affordable price. If you hired a full band and producer as well as the studio this would cost thousands. I can do it for a fraction of that. I have an excellent track record. Everyone seems to absolutely be blown away by the process and the results! Lets write a song together! Your words, I do the rest! 


Your Poems or Lyrics into full on recorded Songs


 I remember the first time I wrote an ex-girlfriends poem into a song. I was like 19 and I realized at that point I wrote backwards. Let me please explain. Most people write musical parts first and fit words to the song. I never really worked like that. I wrote words first then the songs came from these words. So the first time I wrote the poems of my friends into songs it was the most easy way to write a song. It is like the story tells me what parts to play what progressions to take. It guides me through the process. 

I channel these poems in to music and melody!

I started writing songs from band mates words, then other girlfriends words, then later when I was married I used my wife's poems. I just always connected with people who had something to say in a poem or lyric. My friend Jake and I who started the band The Glass Notes co-wrote over 100 of his poems into songs. I used my production skills and ability to play all instruments into the recording part of the process. After all these years, now it is easy to write your words into a really great song! 

So that is where we are now. 

I have done this HUNDREDS of times and I have never felt like I couldn't make each poem a song. 

I can create full production demos for you, or more simple acoustic recordings... both sound great!

See below for details.


I'll write & produce one of your poems or lyrics into song.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 I will write your words into a fully produced song. I record all the instruments. Guitars, bass, drums, piano, synth, acoustics, horns, lots of vocals and harmonies, fully produced in the style you want the most. Feel free to email me for more information. I have done this a lot more over the last few years. It has become my weekend side job. I would love to help your words come alive in a fully produced song in my studio. A fully produced song will often take me 8-10 hours in the studio. I often break it up into two days work. 


One poem into an acoustic song produced with vocals.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Let's keep it more simple. Lets say it takes an hour or two to get your song written and ready to record, in just a few more hours I can record a few acoustic guitars and add lead and backing vocals for a very nice acoustic demo. Makes for a great gift!

Poem Song Disclaimer

Additional Information


Poem song is art

By purchasing this poem to song creation you are commissioning a piece of art. There are no returns. I have never had anyone unhappy with the results. Most people are absolutely blown away by the 


Poem song is 50/50 rights

Song credits are a three part system. One part lyrics (that is you) one part music and one part Melody. Publishing rights for all our creations will be 50% each. In other words, if it ends up making $10,000 by being placed in a film we agree to split the income of the song 50/50.

Song poem delivery times

I do all the writing and recording solo in my house so they do take time. Delivery can be 2 days but it can be 3-4 weeks. It is all about the schedule. I have a band and a full time day job. Most songs are delivered in about a week on average. 

Delivery method

At first a song is delivered to you by email as an MP3. After that I will send a link to drop box for the full Wav file. I often have been asked to make tiny changes, maybe a word was mispronounced, that is no big deal... I can do this in my studio very quickly. No major edits but small changes are totally acceptable.

Timing and updates

Because most full production poem songs take 8-10 hours I often split them up over a few days work. I will keep you in the loop by email about progress during my recording process. I will let you know the instrumentation and vibe. Clients seem to enjoy this part of the process. I keep you in the loop.

Must have payment first

I have had many people ask me to write the song first then they will pay me later. One time I did this for a woman in England who LOVED the song but told me she was poor and couldn't pay me. I can't spend 10 hours recording only to be taken advantage of. I realize it is a little freaky to send money to someone you don't know, but Pay Pal will keep you secure in your purchase! I promise you will get your song! I am sure you will LOVE your song!