Lead singer, rhythm guitarist for Stereo Embers.

Meet the Bands



The most current band that I play in. Myself, Tim DiJulio, Cass Laton, & Gown Chang play blistering original Rock & Roll! We play all around the Northwest. We have 3 EP's and a vinyl released on Hockeytalkter records. We are working on a new batch of recordings now. You should come see us! Visit our site for more info.



Jake Uitti and I started this band, 4 years and 2 full length albums. I wrote the songs Jake wrote all the lyrics. Over 120 songs were co-written and recorded! We still co-write today! 

I have gained much song poem experience by writing Jakes words into songs! Click the link to hear some of our fully produced tunes with the full band we built it into. 



Ty Bailie of course is now the keyboard player for Katy Perry so we don't have much time to recreate this monster cool band we had for 3 CD's and 4 years of live shows. Roam records, thanks for all your support! 

and more bands...


Dear John Letters

What can I say, a band with Johnny Sangster is all anyone needs to say in the Northwest, he's currently in Niko Case's band. I can't believe he stuck with this for 3 full albums and 4 years of live shows! I guess we were cool enough to get a Wikipedia page! Thank you to Foodchain Records in LA! We made it all the way up to #34 on the college charts baby!! Much of these lyrics were poems from my friend Michelle. 


Nevada Bachelors

This was the first band I was in to get a record deal. Late 90s rock at it's best! Thank you very much to Pop Llama Records for releasing our two albums. Again... rad band and we have a wiki page to explain it all! 



This band should have been huge! 

Young and full of piss and vinegar...

but a few things just didn't let that happen! 

We did make a vinyl 7' record and we sold 500 of them!