Lead singer, rhythm guitarist for Stereo Embers.

Press QUotes

Here are a few review and press quotes:


  “Being prolific is easy. Maintaining consistency and quality is another animal altogether…for a lot of musicians not named Robb Benson. A veteran of Seattle’s diverse singer-songwriter community, the Mount Vernon native has morphed admirably into a witty, endearing, one-man lo-fi anthem factory. His vocal repertoire conjures equal parts Michael Stipe, Ben Gibbard, and Rocky Votolato, a perfect match for his introspective lyricism and penchant for sweeping 70’s hooks. Benson delivers the instantly agreeable, inoffensively quirky pop that Pinback formerly cornered the market on.”

(Seattle Weekly)  

 "Benson’s voice and a solo piano is all that’s needed to make the most memorable song." 

(Pop Matters)

 “Robb Benson has a real gift for alternative pop. It’s literate, heartfelt, memorable stuff”

Tom Phalen (seattlemagazine.com) 

 “As always, Benson’s poignant valentines are well crafted and shot through with astute rumination and thoughtful one-liners”

Jeff DeRoche (The Stranger)  

 “If practice does make perfect, Benson might well be on his way to becoming a genius. Obviously a busy man, Benson’s gift with melodies and hooks continues to grow”    

Patrick Schabe (popmatters.com)  

 “Centered around multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Robb Benson, Dear John Letters’ third full-length album establishes the band as an ever more unique force in American indie rock.”

Stein Haukland (Ink19.com)  

 “a perennial hometown favorite on the verge of greater success. Both solo and with his two bands…Benson marries lo-fi introspection with big, bright ‘70s chords and hooks. So maybe he’s Seattle’s Alex Chilton"

(Seattle Weekly)

 “terrific fragile and heart soaring indie pop from Robb Benson and company”

(Anchorage Press) 


 "his songwriting and production suggest influences that range beyond modern-day indie pop into '70s AM radio territory along the lines of Todd Rundgren's more mainstream albums and the blue-eyed soul of early Hall & Oates. Instantly appealing pop tunes feature great one-liners in the lyrics; memorable tunes; and clever, varied arrangements. 

(All Music Guide)

  "Cursive Falls From The Sky marks the fifth solo record by the prolific Robb Benson. The album is also the 17th release by the Seattle songwriter, who began his career in town in 1997 on PopLlama Records with his band The Nevada Bachelors. The man knows hooks and how to write hits, often combining his ability to make music with various poets he meets who compose the lyrics."  


 "Singer/songwriter Robb Benson pens clever, incisive and endearing indie rock" 

CMJ New Music Monthly