Lead singer, rhythm guitarist for Stereo Embers.

Senders, I wrote and directed this no budget film.

A 20 minute twilight zone meets campy strange dark comedy. What can I say I love David Lynch, but I like to keep it lighter. Ben Brunn, Darla Barry, Sean De Tore, and Darcy Barry were awesome! 

Our family makes a film and asked me to edit, find the story

Family vacation comes back with hours of footage and no plot. I was in charge of edits, voiceover, finding the plot and putting it together. They gave me some gold to work with. I’m really in love with this type of work. 

A fake documentary pilot I created years ago via film party

Have a party at your house with friends willing to act in your crazy idea for a fake documentary... it turned into a fake trailer but I really had a blast editing my creative friends on this one.